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Canopy Coffee

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Java Single Origin Coffee

Dark Roast

Sweet and heavy mouthfeel with sugarcane and coffee cherry flavors.

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Size12 oz Whole bean

This Java coffee has a lively, heavy body, with a unique sugarcane flavor and lasting finish. A perfect way to shake off the sleep and start the day!

Coffee Details

Profile: Dark Roast
Country: Java (Indonesia)
Region: Bandung, Tilu Mountains, Pangalengan, West Java
Varietal: Atengsuper, Bor Bor, and Sigararutang
Process: Wet-Hulled
Altitude: 1400-1700 meters

Origin Details

Farm: Various smallholder farmers through the Frinsa Collective, family-owned estate

The island of Java was the first of the Indonesian archipelago to grow coffee. Located in West Java, the Frinsa Collective is a family estate run by Wildan Mustofa. The collective purchases green Java coffee from neighboring producers for processing and sale. The Mustofa family is very progressive, with a focus on experimental processing that exceeds what is commonly found in Java.

The Frinsa Collective primarily produces honeys and naturals. With a wet mill, ventilated storage space, and a dry mill, they are fully in control of their coffee from harvest to shipping, guaranteeing impressive quality. This Java offering is wet-hulled, which the Frinsa Collective has mastered, extracting rich and earthy flavors perfect for darker roasts.


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