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Experience coffee cupped at 84+

Having great coffee can make a dramatic difference in your coffee drinking experience. You've likely already invested significant cash in grinding and brewing devices. Why ruin your morning cup with a bean not worthy of your investments?

Your burr grinder may reduce beans to the most precise micron size. And your V60 pour over techniques might be finely tuned from hours of practice. But without great coffee it'll all be for nothing.

We're happy to help ensure that your coffee experience is top notch and at the level of your investment. All our coffees have been cupped at 84+ (84 or above), so we know you'll enjoy them!

Browse our different origins below to find your favorite.

Our Costa Rican Offering

With a roast profile of light-medium and a cupping score of 86-87, you can't go wrong with our Costa Rican.

Our premium, honey processed offering from Calle Lajas farm is a complex, smooth cup of coffee. With a rare combination of flavors, this light-medium roast brings constant pleasure. A nice finish highlights citrus notes with a sweet, light acidity. The best part of this coffee is a treasure chest of other flavor possibilities waiting in your cup!

Our Mexican Offering

Roasted as a solid medium and cupped between 84 and 85 our Mexican origin coffee can span the gamut of brew styles. Use it from drip to espresso while experiencing phenomenal aromas as it brews.

Having a medium body mouthfeel, our Mexican offering is from the Triunfo Verde Co-op in the Chiapas region. An enticing combo of almond and praline flavors highlights this organic coffee. With a smooth citric acidity, this cup is an excellent example of what's best about Mexican coffee.

Our Ethiopian Offering

As a light-medium roast our Ethiopian offering is cupped between 84 and 85. Its unique floral flavor notes create an excellent representation of the legendary coffee region.

Our wonderfully bright Ethiopia offering comes from the Tega and Tula Coffee farm. This washed Limu is grown at 6,000 feet of elevation in the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Shaded by avocado trees, it produces both a sweet and clean cup, with a citric, lemony softness. A light-medium roast allows you to explore mild floral tones and hints of toffee.

What is a cupping score?

Cupping scores are ways to grade coffee. Scores range on a 100 point scale with specialty coffee occupying the higher end.

Specialty Coffee refers to any coffee that grades 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster or by a licensed Q grader. This includes both single origin coffees and blends.

Find out more about specialty coffee in our Why Specialty Coffee sections.

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