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We are excited to share Canopy Coffee with you! Here is what people are saying about our coffee:

This coffee smells so wonderful as it brews and tastes just as good. A very smooth finish, as well. We received the first bag of Costa Rica as a gift and enjoyed every cup. We'll be ordering more ~ some to keep, some to give away.

- Leslie

Delicious and very flavorful coffee! Would highly recommend if you enjoy a good, unique cup of coffee. The coffee beans are super fresh!

- Alissa

I usually buy grocery store coffee and I’m used to it tasting burnt and bitter. I would add a lot of sugar and cream to make it drinkable. On a whim, I decided to try this coffee and I loved the smooth rich flavorful taste. I still add a little cream but could go without it. Definitely buying again.

- Dan

This is great coffee from an amazing company! We got the coffee when promised and the quality is even better than anticipated. We will be ordering our coffee here from now on. Thank you for a great experience as your customer. I definitely recommend you purchase this coffee!

- Ronald

Canopy Coffee is the best coffee I have ever purchased. I used to buy coffee at Walmart or my local grocery store but since I have started using their coffee I will never go back. I bought all three to try out and each one has its own rich flavor. Sure it may be slightly pricier but they more than make up for it in quality of product. 5 out of 5 stars I will buy these again.

- Chris

This morning I tried Canopy Coffee for the first time. I ordered all three varieties and decided to try the Mexico variety first. Preferring strong coffee, I was expecting this coffee to be a bit weak and light on taste. To my surprise, it was guilty of neither.


I was absolutely pleased with the super service of the staff and delivery! In love with the aroma and taste! Looking forward to more flavors!

- Timmeri

Great coffee, fast delivery. Excellent A+++

- Omniel

Loving the Costa Rican so far!! Delicious!

- Bob

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