About Our Coffee

What makes our Coffee Special?

At Canopy Coffee, our mission is to provide you with fresh, custom roasted coffee.

All of our coffee is custom roasted with a unique flavor you cannot find anywhere else! Our roaster is an award-winning coffee roaster that specializes in unlocking the natural flavors in every bean.

The roast profiles we use to showcase the natural flavors in our coffee range from light to medium. We do this so that you can experience the natural fruit, nut, and toffee flavors prevalent in our coffee. We ship our beans as whole-bean coffee to ensure you have the freshest taste possible.

We focus on Single Origin Specialty Coffee from around the world. Every selection we offer is hand-picked to give you a perfect cup of coffee.

On the Farm

Each of the farms that we source from use special processing methods. These include the washed and honey processing methods which you can read about on our processing methods page.

Canopy Coffee beans are currently all Single Origin. We made this decision to provide complete traceability for you as our customer. This allows you to know exactly where your coffee comes from and the sustainability methods used on the farm.

Although we focus on organically-grown coffee, we are not exclusively an organic provider. The reality is that many smaller farms cannot afford the organic certification. Despite this, many of these family-owned farms adhere to or exceed organic regulations.

We select our farms based on taste and the sustainability methods they practice. It is also very important to us how the workers on the farm are treated.

Where to purchase our coffee?

Below are links to each of our current offerings. Order a bag of Canopy Coffee today so that you and your friends and family can enjoy a truly special coffee experience!

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